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Tips for Making the Move to Assisted Living Easier

Convincing a loved one to move to an assisted living community can be quite challenging. While you might start noticing that the care you are providing for your beloved senior is not enough, they might not see it that way. At such a time, you have to understand that letting go of all that your

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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

We all know how tough these cold Wisconsin winters can be, and they only get worse as we age. When we’re young, a snow-covered sidewalk and brisk gust of wind aren’t really anything to worry about. But as we get older, conditions like those are exactly what causes a fall and subsequent injury. Winter is

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4 Signs it Might Be Time for Assisted Living

Moving a loved one to an assisted living community can be difficult. Why? Simply put, most older adults want to maintain their independence as long as possible and often times, they do not even realize they may need help. For some, illness or disability will result in a loss of independence which forces the need

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